Fractured Plain

a custom D&D 5E Adventure set on a distant world.


The world undergoes regular 200 year cycle where at the end of each a mysterious island appears in the middle of the worlds largest sea. The Island is inhabited by two ancient evil dragons who reign over the island with a merciless fist. The island only remains on this plain for a few weeks and then disappears again and a new cycle starts. 

For an unknown reason the current cycle has lasted for over 1000 years. As most creatures do not live as as long, the memory of the cycles and the terror it contains has slowly drifted into oblivion and only the most ancient creatures remember the cycles first hand. The world is in a delicate peace ruled by a council of ancient dragons. Each dragon heads a caste making up one piece of society. The castes have drifted slowly apart over the last millennia creating tension and mistrust among themselves. Unknowing the current cycle is about to end the world is distracted by internal disputes and unprepared for the storm about to hit the world.

We count the year 1095 after the last cycle has ended and our heroes find themselves on the coast of the great crater sea witnessing the first ripples of the coming precipice..

Fractured Plain

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