Fractured Plain

Sushi Camp

Mara manages to hide in a barrel while the rest of the party distracts the worker of XYZ provisions. After darkness fell mara gets out of her hiding place and lets in the rest of the group. Our party makes its way back into the tunnel they escaped from only dayes earlier and sneak back to the camp of the Kuo Ta an cast silence in the room. Successfully making their way unnoticed into the camp they start to blindely murder the first few Kuo Ta withot raising any alarm. Their luck runs out though a moment later as they make their way into the largest tent where they find the missing Dwarf from the fighting ring. Our heroes try to knock out the dwarf as a werid brain on legs magically appears and manages to telepathically wakeup the rest of the sleeping and unknowing Kuo Ta. Quickly the groups gets surrounded by the fishlike Kuo Ta and their luck turns badly as Mara drops uncouncious (with her intelligance reduced to 0). The Kuo Ta try to force our heroes to surrender, but Dravalonik wants nothing of it and keeps attacking. They do manage though to move back into the corridor where our heroes almost fight to their doom and only by a hair on their skin manage to prevail. Nearly beaten and with severe bruses our party makes their way back to an Inn in Gonarth to lik their wounds..

Strange acting people and the missing dwarf

Our group of heroes is very vary of the meeting arranged by mara so they prepare for the worst, and rightfully so! The meeting turns out to be a farse and not only the dwarf waits for them but also two Kuo Ta warriors who lurk in the dark. After a very short engagement our heroes flee from the fight and manage to capture and briefly question the dwarf, finding out that several key characters in the council are acting strangely since a few weeks. Shortly there after they get interrupted by the town guard. Dravalonik knocks out the dwarf an the party hastes of into the darkness.

The next morning they go to a gem merchant near the dwarfen fighting ring and hear rumors that the owner of the ring has gone missing since last night. Investigating this it turns out that he just disappeared after he was in the rocky IV inn with his friends. Searching for hints they discover a letter in his office that someone wanted to meet him last night..

The City of Gonarth

The next morning Gheido and Dravalonik wake up only to find that Mara ran off during the night. Hence they wander the town in search of any hint to where Mara went. Also they update their equipment at the many merchants in the city and make some money gambling in the fighting arena. Dravalonik also wins two fights against dwarfs in the ring which earns them plenty of spending money. Eventually Maras luck runs out and they run into each other at the rocky IV Inn. Naturally they are displeased with Maras actions. She plans to meet with some contact of hers to find a way into the council building without wanting to go through the front gate. The informant tells her to meet a dwarf after sundown on the next day.

The party spends most of the next day on a quest to help the local hunters dealing with a pair of owlbears deep in the forest. After a successful hunt they return to Gonarth and prepare for the evening.


Our Heros venture forth and defeat the Kuo Ta in their camp. Hence they recover the second key and return to Prof. Aetoris in victory. the party goes on in search of the hidden library as Aetoris feels an evil aura in the vacinity. It turns out to be a pair of gargoyles guarding the door to the library. The party remains victorious and opens the door only to discover a portal to a strange room containing a map showing other portals, a observation portal to avalon and a dead dwarf. As they enter the room, Aetoris and mara start feeling very ill. Prof. Aetoris and Gheido copy the map showing the portals and mark a portal in the south and leave the room shortly afterwards. Leaving the room cures Aetoris and Mara from their illness and Aetoris transports the party away into the middle of a Kuo Ta camp betraying our heroes and capturing them on the spot. After being tortured during which Dravalonik looses an eye, Mara manages to escape her cell. freeing the others and our party makes a last dash escape to the city of Gonarth, where they finally find some rest in the married goat inn.

A new Hope

Our heroes learned from the last run in with the smelly Kuo Tao the day before (or what they perceive to be)  and continue on much more cautious. Nonetheless they run into a another group of Kuo Ta who immediately send of a runner to get reinforcements while they attack the party. After a tough fight the heroes decide to not pursue the runner as they where hurt quite badly. Before the last Kuo Ta dies, it warns off the party that they will be stopped and that they would never find "it". Dravalonik searches the Kuo Ta corpse and finds a map and a sketch of a strange looking key. So they make a short rest to tend to their wounds while Mara searches the tunnels for the key marked on the map they found and finds it after a short search in the rust monsters lair.

After the short rest the party continues on down the only remaining tunnel/cave and keeps going for a few kilometers until they spot a light shimmering around a turn in the tunnel. They try to sneak up on whatever casts the light but got noticed before they even could get to the corner. 

To anyones astonishment the party runs into Professor Aetoris, and old teacher of Gheido from the University he attended after joining the old guard. Professor Aetoris tells the party about a vision he had in which he saw a traitor to Avalon arrive in this world and that a great evil is on the move. Hence he is looking for an old almost forgotten library the old guard had an aeon ago and asks the party to help find the two keys that lead to the hidden portal that leads to the library.

Our heroes agree to help and hurry off to get the last key from a group of Kuo Ta some distance away. After arriving at the camp site of the Kuo Ta they try to sneak around first and open a door that creaks so loud that the guards hear them. After hiding successfully in a room they try to leave, but fumble very very badly….

Crystal of Knowledge

After an uneventful rest, the party continues on deeper into the cavern. They have to squeeze through a partly collapsed hallway and get attacked by some ooze lurking in the dark passageway. After some initial hesitation our heroes press forward and encounter several fishlike creates  scurrying through the remains of old guards caverns. After making sashimi out of them the party explores a side tunnel and run into a sole rust monster in its rusty nest. after a short but intense standoff the heroes prevail over the rust monster and go in search for the rest of the fish people.  Along the way Gheido Leonas finds a crystal who gives off a magical light. The Kuo Ta present themselves generally hostile and attack our heroes on sight and trigger an alarm whereas the party hides in a freshly excavated part of a collapsed hallway. 

The party successfully ambushes the rest of the Kuo Ta in their immediate vicinity and find a magical sword among the loot. Dravalonik picks up the sword and immediately senses the uncanny presence of a dragon nearby..

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Into the Dark

After an uneventful rest our heroes continue into the tunnel which has definitely seen better days. After crawling through a partially collapsed hallway they find a square room with a sarcophagus depicting a member of the old guard on it. To one side they find a mirror that is as tall as the room. On the opposite side the find a oil painting showing the same room, but without the mirror on the wall. As the Leonas investigates the sarcophagus he touches it when a ghost looking like the guy depicted on top of the sarcophagus rises out through the stone and inquires what our heroes are doing here. They quickly find out the the ghost has been here for over 1000 years and that the ghost is rather demented and an obvious racist,specially against Mara and Dravalonik. The encounter goes well though and the ghost lets them pass if they can figure out the riddle of the room.

Our heroes figure out that they can move the painting and place it on the one free wall where there is an obvious mounting hook for the painting. Nothing happens..

After a long wile and some more conversation with the racist ghost, they have a second look at the painting and notice that it changed, showing the mirror opening like a door. They try to open the door and it opens up into another corridor that leads them deeper into the mountain. About 1km later they stumble into an skeleton that doesn't seem as dead as it should be. A quick successful fight later the group makes camp before continuing on. They hear some scraping during the second guard shift, but nothing else happens.

The party continues carefully  on and fights a whole bunch of other skeletons, eventually knocking Leonas unconscious. As the group is ill equipped after their hasty departure, they decide to play it save and rest to heal up their wounds. The heroes are exhausted, which results in both Dravalonik and Leonas to fall asleep during their watch.  As they where asleep, they do not know if something managed to slip by them in the dark..

The tail arrives

Our heroes are each being questioned separately by Lord Gailes what their story is:

Leonas is first:

He tells Lord Gailes of his journey to become a full member of the old guard and how he met the other 2 strangers. He is believed as he is a novice of the order. He is given the order to question Mara further as Lord Gailes is much more concerned about the strange looking dragoborn.

Dravalonik is questioned second:

After some hesitation and mutual distrust, Dravalonik decides to trust this human and he starts to open up and tell his story how he infiltrated the resistance on Valinor, and switched sides. And how they where eventually forced to act and try to warn the world of the coming onslaught as the cycle finally ends. Eventually Lord Gailes believes Dravalonik enough to start being concerned as he retires to think it over.


Leonas starts questioning Mara about her back story and what she is doing here in the first place, as the crater sea cost is forbidden to enter by non guard individuals. Mara is only somewhat successful in convincing Leonas as their interview gets interrupted by a loud roar as a dragon appears from the sea and starts attacking the keep.

Leonas takes matters into his own hands and frees Mara and Dravalonik and they together try to escape the attack. The keeps quickly falling to the dragons attacks as Lord Gailes shows up and direct our heroes to s secret escape path out of the castle following the high cliffs. After a daring escape the group manages to slip away from the keep and make it to the nearby town where Leonas acquires a horse, Dravalonik takes care and calms his pteranodon and the make a hasty exit into the forested hillside away from the town. After a hours of marching the dark forest, they decide to rest and make camp in a small cavern well shielded from prying eys. The rest of the night does not go uneventful as a black bear shows up during Maras watch and attacks. Mara stumbles, but still manages to single handedly kill the bear. The next morning our heroes see the gloom from a large fire in the direction they came from and descide tokeep on moving, as Leonas remembers and old tunnel build by the old guard that leads through the mountains directly into Gonarth, a city inhabited mostly by humans, elves and dwarfs and where the order still has a strong presence. 

After 2 days of uneventful traveling the group arrives at the site of old ruins that Leonas recognizes as an old temple of the order. After searching the premise, they find the entrance to what looks like a tunnel underneath the main temple. As the pteranodon is still injured it can not continue with the party, so Dravalonik is forced to leave it behind in the hopes it will find its own way to the other side of the mountain once it has healed and is able to fly again. As they enter they are attacked by a giant spider that nearly kills Dravalonik by its poisonous kite.

The group decides to rest at the entrance before continuing to rest and heal their wounds..

The Journey Begins

Our Heros met for the first time under less than ideal circumstances. Leonas has just recently begun his journey about the world to become a full member of the old guard. He is traveling along the crater sea cost and expects to arrive in Kastor, a small outpust of the old guard, soon as night is falling. As he descends a steep path he notices some gravel falling from above. As he investigates he finds a female Drow called Mara hiding from him in a badger hole. He inquiries her and finds out she has been following him for some time now, claiming to have been forced down this side of the mountains by an incident involving a pack of mountain beasts being forcefully split from old party. Only moments later the are surprised by a forceful blast of lightning shooting up from an old ruin nearby apparently hitting something approaching the cost at high speeds. Only seconds later the hear the sound of something crashing into the forrest only a few minutes walking away. They investigate and find an injured pteranodon wearing a saddle, an animal none of them had ever seen. Moments after they also find an unconscious strange looking dragonborn wearing armor lying next to the strange animal. After waking up the dragonborn reveals his name Dravalonik and that he is on an important mission that can not wait and that he needs to immediately speak the the leaders of this world. Weary what the hell is going on  Leonas decides to escort both of them to the close by outpost for further investigation as he is in over his head. On the path to the outpost the group encounters a bunch of guards from the keep which after some precarious moments disarm the group except for Leonas and escort them back to the keep where they are put into a cell and Leonas is granted an audience with the local Leader of the old guard, Lord Gailes.


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