Fractured Plain

Strange acting people and the missing dwarf

Our group of heroes is very vary of the meeting arranged by mara so they prepare for the worst, and rightfully so! The meeting turns out to be a farse and not only the dwarf waits for them but also two Kuo Ta warriors who lurk in the dark. After a very short engagement our heroes flee from the fight and manage to capture and briefly question the dwarf, finding out that several key characters in the council are acting strangely since a few weeks. Shortly there after they get interrupted by the town guard. Dravalonik knocks out the dwarf an the party hastes of into the darkness.

The next morning they go to a gem merchant near the dwarfen fighting ring and hear rumors that the owner of the ring has gone missing since last night. Investigating this it turns out that he just disappeared after he was in the rocky IV inn with his friends. Searching for hints they discover a letter in his office that someone wanted to meet him last night..


samuel_blatter42 Maranwe

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