Fractured Plain

Into the Dark

After an uneventful rest our heroes continue into the tunnel which has definitely seen better days. After crawling through a partially collapsed hallway they find a square room with a sarcophagus depicting a member of the old guard on it. To one side they find a mirror that is as tall as the room. On the opposite side the find a oil painting showing the same room, but without the mirror on the wall. As the Leonas investigates the sarcophagus he touches it when a ghost looking like the guy depicted on top of the sarcophagus rises out through the stone and inquires what our heroes are doing here. They quickly find out the the ghost has been here for over 1000 years and that the ghost is rather demented and an obvious racist,specially against Mara and Dravalonik. The encounter goes well though and the ghost lets them pass if they can figure out the riddle of the room.

Our heroes figure out that they can move the painting and place it on the one free wall where there is an obvious mounting hook for the painting. Nothing happens..

After a long wile and some more conversation with the racist ghost, they have a second look at the painting and notice that it changed, showing the mirror opening like a door. They try to open the door and it opens up into another corridor that leads them deeper into the mountain. About 1km later they stumble into an skeleton that doesn't seem as dead as it should be. A quick successful fight later the group makes camp before continuing on. They hear some scraping during the second guard shift, but nothing else happens.

The party continues carefully  on and fights a whole bunch of other skeletons, eventually knocking Leonas unconscious. As the group is ill equipped after their hasty departure, they decide to play it save and rest to heal up their wounds. The heroes are exhausted, which results in both Dravalonik and Leonas to fall asleep during their watch.  As they where asleep, they do not know if something managed to slip by them in the dark..


samuel_blatter42 Maranwe

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