Fractured Plain

The City of Gonarth

The next morning Gheido and Dravalonik wake up only to find that Mara ran off during the night. Hence they wander the town in search of any hint to where Mara went. Also they update their equipment at the many merchants in the city and make some money gambling in the fighting arena. Dravalonik also wins two fights against dwarfs in the ring which earns them plenty of spending money. Eventually Maras luck runs out and they run into each other at the rocky IV Inn. Naturally they are displeased with Maras actions. She plans to meet with some contact of hers to find a way into the council building without wanting to go through the front gate. The informant tells her to meet a dwarf after sundown on the next day.

The party spends most of the next day on a quest to help the local hunters dealing with a pair of owlbears deep in the forest. After a successful hunt they return to Gonarth and prepare for the evening.


samuel_blatter42 Maranwe

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