Fractured Plain

The Journey Begins

Our Heros met for the first time under less than ideal circumstances. Leonas has just recently begun his journey about the world to become a full member of the old guard. He is traveling along the crater sea cost and expects to arrive in Kastor, a small outpust of the old guard, soon as night is falling. As he descends a steep path he notices some gravel falling from above. As he investigates he finds a female Drow called Mara hiding from him in a badger hole. He inquiries her and finds out she has been following him for some time now, claiming to have been forced down this side of the mountains by an incident involving a pack of mountain beasts being forcefully split from old party. Only moments later the are surprised by a forceful blast of lightning shooting up from an old ruin nearby apparently hitting something approaching the cost at high speeds. Only seconds later the hear the sound of something crashing into the forrest only a few minutes walking away. They investigate and find an injured pteranodon wearing a saddle, an animal none of them had ever seen. Moments after they also find an unconscious strange looking dragonborn wearing armor lying next to the strange animal. After waking up the dragonborn reveals his name Dravalonik and that he is on an important mission that can not wait and that he needs to immediately speak the the leaders of this world. Weary what the hell is going on  Leonas decides to escort both of them to the close by outpost for further investigation as he is in over his head. On the path to the outpost the group encounters a bunch of guards from the keep which after some precarious moments disarm the group except for Leonas and escort them back to the keep where they are put into a cell and Leonas is granted an audience with the local Leader of the old guard, Lord Gailes.


samuel_blatter42 samuel_blatter42

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