Fractured Plain

The tail arrives

Our heroes are each being questioned separately by Lord Gailes what their story is:

Leonas is first:

He tells Lord Gailes of his journey to become a full member of the old guard and how he met the other 2 strangers. He is believed as he is a novice of the order. He is given the order to question Mara further as Lord Gailes is much more concerned about the strange looking dragoborn.

Dravalonik is questioned second:

After some hesitation and mutual distrust, Dravalonik decides to trust this human and he starts to open up and tell his story how he infiltrated the resistance on Valinor, and switched sides. And how they where eventually forced to act and try to warn the world of the coming onslaught as the cycle finally ends. Eventually Lord Gailes believes Dravalonik enough to start being concerned as he retires to think it over.


Leonas starts questioning Mara about her back story and what she is doing here in the first place, as the crater sea cost is forbidden to enter by non guard individuals. Mara is only somewhat successful in convincing Leonas as their interview gets interrupted by a loud roar as a dragon appears from the sea and starts attacking the keep.

Leonas takes matters into his own hands and frees Mara and Dravalonik and they together try to escape the attack. The keeps quickly falling to the dragons attacks as Lord Gailes shows up and direct our heroes to s secret escape path out of the castle following the high cliffs. After a daring escape the group manages to slip away from the keep and make it to the nearby town where Leonas acquires a horse, Dravalonik takes care and calms his pteranodon and the make a hasty exit into the forested hillside away from the town. After a hours of marching the dark forest, they decide to rest and make camp in a small cavern well shielded from prying eys. The rest of the night does not go uneventful as a black bear shows up during Maras watch and attacks. Mara stumbles, but still manages to single handedly kill the bear. The next morning our heroes see the gloom from a large fire in the direction they came from and descide tokeep on moving, as Leonas remembers and old tunnel build by the old guard that leads through the mountains directly into Gonarth, a city inhabited mostly by humans, elves and dwarfs and where the order still has a strong presence. 

After 2 days of uneventful traveling the group arrives at the site of old ruins that Leonas recognizes as an old temple of the order. After searching the premise, they find the entrance to what looks like a tunnel underneath the main temple. As the pteranodon is still injured it can not continue with the party, so Dravalonik is forced to leave it behind in the hopes it will find its own way to the other side of the mountain once it has healed and is able to fly again. As they enter they are attacked by a giant spider that nearly kills Dravalonik by its poisonous kite.

The group decides to rest at the entrance before continuing to rest and heal their wounds..


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